Useless CDs

"My CD collection is useless." -Me


Let's get one thing straight. I know nothing about Tommy Guerrero. Is he a skateboarder? I guess I know one thing about him. I also know that I live in a culture that fetishizes and lionizes and everything else-izes skateboarders, even though I hate them. I am an old man! I have nothing against skateboarders per se, it's more like how they are the epitome of the Vice culture of slacker cool anti-bros who breeze through shit and are what scruffy, white, non-jock/nerd teenagers should aspire to. Why do people pay more attention if you skate and do anything other than skate (see also: Jackass, the career of Spike Jonze)? People are like "wow you are so connected to the youth so I guess you have your hand on the pulse." In that regard I guess you could produce more egregious things than a CD of mellow hip-hop loops with faux-funk Beastie Boys noodlings on it. Like, is this all that offensive in the grand scheme of things?

I guess not. It's pretty forgettable though.

BEST SONG: uh... Organism? I have no idea.


LOL @ myself. This album is terrible. Guuuuhhh. MSTRCRP is more like it, you know what I'm saying? Good thing bands like SBTRKT are taking their cues from TRRBLKRFT and you can hear their music on Right? Christ. Taking out vowels is the equivalent of when you're in high school and start using British spellings of things like "humour" and write in a lowercase "i" instead of "I" when referring to yourself (a la Clowes' Felix character in I Hate You Deeply). Guuuh. Remember the Hipster Grifter? Her internet hash tag should be #HPSTRGRFT.

BEST SONG: Whichever one Cut Copy put on their Fabric mix.


Never listened to this one either #duh. But if you read the tracklisting it's like a hype-up list for 2005. Au Revoir Simone, Tom Vek, Digitalism, Lo-Fi Fnk and even Architecture in Helsinki in the house! That VHS or Beta song "Night on Fire" is terrible. Kitsune's cool though, they introduced me to Simian Mobile Disco, the best group in the world.


"Get 'Hung Up' at C.Q.S. (CD Quality, Son), son!" -The logic that justified purchasing this. (Also, "Get Together" is pretty good)


I kind of feel bad that Simple Minds did "Don't You Forget About Me" bc now that is their footnote in history. They had a lot of other good songs from the late 70s when they were still doing weird cinematic futuristic Blade Runnery songs. This is my "All Prominent 80s Bands Probably Had An Awesome 70s Punk Phase, Wouldn't You Agree, Spandau Ballet?" theory. However this is not always true, since the first Thompson Twins album is FUCKING TERRIBLE.


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