Terrible. Simply Terrible.

I saw this band perform at Brooklyn Bowl the other night. I had no idea who they were, and immediately felt like Merlin. I will say this, however. They were truly, truly awful. First of all, take a moment to completely digest the picture above. The keyboard player literally is wearing a neon Girl Talk T-shirt, there's a separate BONGO STAND for the singer, and there are 2 chicks whose only job is to smile while clapping not-in-tandem. I won't even comment on anorexic Andrew WK on the right (AKA the literally second keyboard player)

What I will say is that I think I finally topped my "Motion City Soundtrack? More like No-fun Shitty Clown-crap!" jibe.

When I was like "ugh who is this, the Ugh Boots?" my friend was like "they're from Atlanta, they're supposedly some supergroup called the Constellations," to which I replied "more like they're from Mylanta, some super-poop called the Constipations."



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