Screenwriter Interviews

Jeff Goldsmith interviews screenwriters from loads of excellent (and not so excellent) new films in his podcast.

To many listeners - and interviewees - Mr. Goldsmith seems at first to be a bit of a nimrod:

Indeed, the Coen Brothers (notoriously snide interviewees in any event) are quite condescending to him for the first 10 minutes or so. Goldsmith tends to open with a series of stock "screenwriter" questions that irk the more critical screenwriter and listener ("How do you write for theme? Do you write outlines?" etc).

But the truth is that the man does a damned good interview. Even the Coen Brothers, after basically blowing him off for the 1st 10 minutes, find themselves ultimately impressed with his line of questioning, and totally get into it, engaging in scintillating discussion for real.

Two interviews especially germane to readers of dis weblog:


To quote Mr. Goldsmith: "Hope Ya Dig it!"

*Ed note:
I would argue that the Goldsmith style of interviewing veers dangerously towards Nardwuar territory, except a) Nardwuar only sometimes wins his interviewees over (and usually then only by piling on gift after gift on them) and b) my "respect" for Nardwuar is greatly tempered by my "desire to punch him in the stomach."

*Bevins Note:
The Nardwuar comparison is reasonable ONLY insofar as Mr. Goldsmith's interviews are very well researched. But "punch him in the stomach?" You are as needlessly angry at Herr Goldsmith as HideousHindu77. This man has done fine work ya slaz.

*Ed rebuttal:
You mis-read, Archie. I would only like to punch Nardwuar in the stomach because of his intentionally goading/idiotic demeanor. However, Goldjew and Nardwuar share the characteristics of both being completely incapable of improvising and adapting to new situations that arise mid-interview. Nardwuar has his precious sheet of questions and bag of pop culture detritus and literally just piles on ephemera on the hapless interviewee, who by the conclusion of the interview looks like a goddamn Xmas tree:

whereas Goldsmith is clearly reading from a sheet of prepared questions when interviewing Jonathan Nolan ("the chaotic force of nature that the Joker blah blah blah") , and when goes off script is a mumbling, flummoxed fanboy with a 3rd grade vocabulary ("yeah, that part was cool! Uh... so what did... yeah!")


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