J-Card Ragnarok

I was in the West Village yesterday and wandered into this record store. Take a look at the way these records are organized -- it's complete fucking chaos if you are specifically looking for something, but if you just want to browse a little bit, it's the best system ever:

Like... what? How is this a system? How does this make sense to anyone who doesn't own the store? I was like "do you have Begin Here by the Zombies" and they were like "let's check 60s vocal pop/British, or New Arrivals, or the Argent section. Or we can check Top 40 Pop, 60s-70s, and if it's not in there, we can always check the Zombies section."

Still, I love the J-Cards: they're jammed to bursting capacity with personality. It's like there's so much information on each that it's spilling off the card. Like this one? "All yr favorites!!!" Gary Puckett is NOT of my favorites, J-Card, but I certainly can't fault your enthusiasm.


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