Hitler, but not dames

Frank Sinatra is the best.

Also, the sky is blue.

I had a big Sinatra phase in college and listened to Songs For Swingin Lovers a bunch. One summer I interned at a radio station (WVOX New Ro!!!) and totally stole a 4 CD Sinatra box set from there because I have no respect for my elders and I am punk as fuck. Take that, The Voice Of Westchester!

Anyways all his LPs are rad to listen to, and I always got the sense Sinatra was a gigantic badass (duh) and a hilarious dude but never really had that sense confirmed (I have no desire to see My Pal Joey or any number of his other movies).

That's why I shat my pants with joy when I discovered the Live in Australia CD. It came out in 97 and is a concert from 59, where he plays with the Red Norvo Quintet. This in and of itself is a huge deal because he normally performed with a 70 piece back-up band of dudes in suits, and stripping that down to a five piece radically affects the tone and intimacy of Sinatra's performance. All the singing chops are in full force on this record -- he sings, improvises lyrics/phrasing and croons with his olive oil goomba voice like a goddamn saint -- but that's only about 3% of why I like this CD.

Live, Sinatra's banter is awesome. And as we all know, the only thing worth hearing in a live show is what people say in between songs. He's all charming and cracking jokes and fucking with audience members.


To a less-than-rapt audience member: "No one sleeps through this act, Freddy"

Describing a drunk who can't get over a girl: "Hitler you can beat. But not a dame, that's murder."

Sinatra also goes into a little bit of nerdy record collecting trivia, like he performs an alternate version of Road To Mandalay and tells people that the reason it didn't appear on the UK pressing of the record is because Rudyard Kipling (who wrote the original)'s sister didn't like the swinging version and nixed it. Sinatra: "Rudyard Kipling's sister was chicken"

So here it is in its wonderful entirety. Now all that's left is for someone to make People Let Me Get This Off My Chest 2 Sinatra 2 Furious and I can die a happy man.

Frank Sinatra with the Red Norvo Quintet ~ Live in Australia 1959
*album via Any Genre Goes

Oh yeah here's a random YT clip of Sinatra in 59. Dude could not possibly more = the man.


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