"I have not blogged in a minute."
-Me, if I want Nathan to make fun of me

Hi lovers,

I've decided to switch up my blog a bit. When I originally started, I wanted to focus exclusively on music, which is basically what this blog was about since its inception. However, I realized that

A) I don't listen to music anymore because

and B) I've realized that, because of A), I have many other things I want to complain about. And what is a blog if not about complaining!

So with this expansion hopefully blogging will re-commence soon, with new and exciting terrible things to commiserate over.

peace love empathy,
Kurt Cobain's suicide letter


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Mr. Physician said...

Okay, but can you at least reward us for reading your rants with a vinyl burn at the end of each?

July 1, 2009 at 1:38 PM

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