Brad Neely

One of my favorite comic artists Brad Neely has been putting up original videos on SuperDeluxe. I have always been a giant fan of his, from his online comics to his cult classic George Washington video, which keeps appearing/disappearing from youtube because apparently he got taken by the Spike and Mike festival and they paid $250 for it to only appear in their festivals and nowhere else forever. I'm super glad he's on superdeluxe because now all his work is in one place and you can even download the mp3s! MAN CRUSH.

*via Kyle



Pulp ~ Like A Friend


Mixtape Tuesday

New mix! Features the Beatles, Ron Hardy, Patrick Cowley, and Aussie rockers Swirl.



Weekend of Fire


Ministry ~ Work For Love
*Thanks to James for IDing this/yelling at me on Saturday

Maze ~ Twilight


Yacht Rock!

How the shit has the new Yacht Rock episode been out for a full month before I was aware that it existed??? Jesus! This episode? Footloose!

Previous Yacht Rock faves include:

Steely Dan VS the Eagles ~ FM (video / mp3)
Hall & Oates ~ Portable Radio (video / mp3)


Secret Weapon Thursdays

Peaches & Gonzalez ~ Red Leather

Rough and dirty pop-house from Peaches before she was Peaches, fiddling knobs in Berlin with a gangly and awkward-looking Gonzales and living the Jewish Diaspora dream... sigh!

Whoa, I so did not know there was a video for this until 2 minutes ago... Williamsburg 2001/Luxx/Larry Tee/ElektroKlashhh forever!



I hate posting shit that Hollerboarders, readers of Eli's blog, internet nerds and every human being in Sweden has already seen but I CAN'T HELP IT this video is so fucking good:

I'm not 100% this is the same version as the video track, but it's close enough (there are about 40 million versions of this song):

Axwell ~ I Found U (Vocal Remode)


Top Dance Songs of the 1990s

5 years ago when Vinylmania was still around they had this year-end list of all the big club songs of 2003. Along with that they also had this giant list called "Top Dance Songs of the 1990's" which listed the biggest 700 songs of the decade. Of course upon seeing this list I immediately sprouted an erection, because this was a giant treasure trove of club cheese, with their BPMs and release dates, culled from submissions/suggestions by club DJs.

The funny thing is, now that I revisit this list it seems like these are all hits that mobile DJs who do summer camps/bar mitzvahs would cite, not that I'm complaining. A lot of these tracks are blindingly obvious (C+C lead the pack!), and there's no shortage of injustice (Bucketheads at #26?) but overall this was a pretty good cheat sheet to fill in some of the cracks I didn't know about. Enjoy...

also, just in case you were wondering about #700...



205 recap

Thanks everyone who came last night to 205 for the party... I didn't really take any pictures, but there was a Cobrasnakey girl walking around with a giant camera so I assume there must be photos online somewhere...

Extra thanks to Adrian and Nick for setting it up, and Saheer for coming in fresh from Japan and delivering a mind-blowing set. He played all 12 minutes/EQ'd the dong out of Ron Hardy's edit of "Welcome to the Club," which is on sale in super limited quantities right now at dopejams... if you don't have it you should go buy it not figuratively right now. Also, I didn't see this but apparently there were a couple black gay guys voguing to our set at one point(!!!) which is basically the highest compliment ever.

There were a bunch of songs I didn't get to play (I totally had a boner to play ABC, Tusk and George Kranz, but never got around to it), but I'm psyched I got to play these 2 tracks on that system:

The Equals ~ Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys

Master C & J ~ Face It


Monday Night!


DRE DAY upstairs with Egg Foo & Nick Hook... Free 40s of Colt 45 starting at 11... free with rsvp


Real Talk

I really don't want to know what any of you people out there will do with this, but have fun:

R. Kelly ~ Real Talk (Acapella)

If you live under a bridge
NY Times on Trapped in the Closet


Free Music!

A few blogs I find myself stealing music from these days:

American Athlete
Disco from Seattle

My Favourite Sound
Comps, 7s, and 12s.

The Red Room
Anyone who puts up Patrick Cowley and Bobby Orlando appreciation posts, to say nothing of 5 different versions of Paul Lekakis' "Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)" obviously deserves some shine.

Plus this dude put up like every single Gino Soccio album.


Keytronics Ensemble

I was scouring the internet last week looking for this 12, which is labeled as "Key Tronics Ensamble," but apparently it's like a $50 record.

Seth had one at A-1 but it's all schmutzed up and only plays for like the first 2 minutes. Then I wandered into the Lab store and lo and behold they reissued it, so here you go. Sounds like Still Going, minus 20 years.

Keytronics Ensemble ~ Calypso of House


Mix 02.12.08

Here's a demo I made for this potential gig in the summertime. I doubt anyone's skull will be shattered to smithereens by the inclusion of SMD's "Hustler" but it's a pretty fun uptempo mix, hope you enjoy!



Shut The Fuck Up!

(click above for larger image)


No one has ever covered "Cover Me" by Candlebox pt 3

Only You

The Yazoo OG, which figuratively makes me cry.

The Flying Pickets version


Lasagna Cat

*via my boss


Secret Weapon Thursdays

Shocking Blue ~ Send Me A Postcard

Epic female anthem that's been covered by Ladytron, the Flesh, and the cutest girl in the world.

Punk before punk? My friend once was all " 'Strychnine' by the Sonics is the first punk song because it's from 1965" but he was just saying that because it's clangy and recorded shittily. My vote goes for Postcard.


Todd Terje!

Wally Warning ~ Land of Hunger (Todd Terje Edit)
Studio ~ Life's A Beach! (Todd Terje Mix)

If you ever find the 12s for Eurodans or his "Angel Eyes" edit those are good too.

2 more edits via Beat Electric


Point/Counterpoint: Lou Reed

Guest blog by Pat

You know what's funny about Lou Reed? I hate him. He might be the biggest bummer ever invented. I spent some time with him for work and now I'm truly afraid of getting old.


from Woody
Lou Reed ~ Charley's Girl
The Velvet Underground ~ Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
The Velvet Underground ~ After Hours


Weezer Tired of Sex

Perhaps the greatest opening track from the greatest album OF ALL TIME IN LITERALLY THE HISTORY OF ALL RECORDED MUSIC:

Get an mp4 version for your iPod here


New York!

This was originally going to be an epic post with every single NY-themed song I could think of, but then I was like "why would anyone download Nas' "NY State of Mind" when everyone already has it? Sorry Kiss, Sinatra, Nina Hagen and Andrew WK, but I basically only wanted to put this track up to begin with:

Shirley Lites ~ Slip Away

Native New Yorker
(Sex & The City video that is totes fah-bulous!!)

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