Brad Neely

One of my favorite comic artists Brad Neely has been putting up original videos on SuperDeluxe. I have always been a giant fan of his, from his online comics to his cult classic George Washington video, which keeps appearing/disappearing from youtube because apparently he got taken by the Spike and Mike festival and they paid $250 for it to only appear in their festivals and nowhere else forever. I'm super glad he's on superdeluxe because now all his work is in one place and you can even download the mp3s! MAN CRUSH.

*via Kyle



Pulp ~ Like A Friend


Mixtape Tuesday

New mix! Features the Beatles, Ron Hardy, Patrick Cowley, and Aussie rockers Swirl.



Weekend of Fire


Ministry ~ Work For Love
*Thanks to James for IDing this/yelling at me on Saturday

Maze ~ Twilight


Yacht Rock!

How the shit has the new Yacht Rock episode been out for a full month before I was aware that it existed??? Jesus! This episode? Footloose!

Previous Yacht Rock faves include:

Steely Dan VS the Eagles ~ FM (video / mp3)
Hall & Oates ~ Portable Radio (video / mp3)


Secret Weapon Thursdays

Peaches & Gonzalez ~ Red Leather

Rough and dirty pop-house from Peaches before she was Peaches, fiddling knobs in Berlin with a gangly and awkward-looking Gonzales and living the Jewish Diaspora dream... sigh!

Whoa, I so did not know there was a video for this until 2 minutes ago... Williamsburg 2001/Luxx/Larry Tee/ElektroKlashhh forever!



I hate posting shit that Hollerboarders, readers of Eli's blog, internet nerds and every human being in Sweden has already seen but I CAN'T HELP IT this video is so fucking good:

I'm not 100% this is the same version as the video track, but it's close enough (there are about 40 million versions of this song):

Axwell ~ I Found U (Vocal Remode)

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