Ron Hardy

Ron's nephew Bill Hardy has taken on the impressive and enviable task of re-issuing all of Ron's old edits to vinyl. There's already a few bootlegs of his stuff floating around, like the "Peaches and Prunes" edit on Automan and the Music Box series, which I'm pretty sure are out of print.

According to Bill's site, there are 3 volumes of the Muzic Box Classics out right now, the most recent one featuring edits of "Let No Man..." and a super-long version of the Dells' "No Way Back". There's no mail order on the site unfortunately but if you email Bill he's super-nice and you can order the records directly from him.

There's also a brief but interesting article of Ron at Chicago House DJ, that also lists a bunch of his favorite songs.

Donnie - The It (Ron Hardy mix)

The Dells - No Way Back (Ron Hardy edit)

*bonus - Eli's post on Frankie Knuckles... with a link for "Welcome to the Pleasuredome"!

In song and in dance I express myself as
a member of a higher community,
I have forgotten how to walk and speak
I am on the way toward flying into the air, dancing.
My very gestures express enchantment.
I feel myself a god, supernatural sounds emanate from me,
I walk about enchanted
in ecstasy like the gods I saw walking in my dreams!
I am no longer an artist, I have become a work of art.



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