The tour has taken us out of Germany. We had a day off and decided to hit up Amsteram, land of heavenly (or at least idiot 17 year old) delights. So we all know that in Amsterdam, it's legal to buy/smoke pot. What I didn't know (but probably should have been able to guess) is that Amsterdam is in fact what would happen if Spencer's Gifts were not just a shitty chain in the local Galleria Mall but rather a city.

I thought tourism was rampant in Thailand, Amsterdam takes it to a whole other level. Everyone wanders around wasted, screaming dumb shit like "look out, the Americans are coming!" Every single store has nothing but pot paraphernalia for sale, and the pot-smoking alien is like the national animal. I figured this would be the PERFECT place for me to finally buy my "I know why they're here [image of alien smoking giant doobie]" Tshirt, but alas, this is the best I could do:

I decided to buy a pot shirt for my friend back home, and was up in the air about this one, mostly because it's literally Lil Jon:

But ultimately I decided to go with this one, because the dude is LITERALLY SITTING ON A POT. That's art direction, people!

Basically every moronic icon of the 70s is even further moronically reified in literally every possible form here. Here's Nathan posing with the Lizard King, AKA Jesus Christ Himself:

So in honor of Lil Jon and smoking pot, I am posting one of the only like 5 Lil Jon songs that I like:

This is in case you need to follow along.


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