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Top 5 Pedophilia songs!

5. Outfield "Your Love"
The jury's still out on this one, but I always took it as the fact that Josie is the dude's wife, she's out of town, and he's stalking the neighbor's daughter even though he likes his girls "a little bit older"... a stretch? The video doesn't really elaborate, but it does have an EXTENDED GUITAR INTRO WHHHAAAATTT!

4. The Slackers "Pedophilia" (YT)
Pretty self-explanatory. 3rd wave ska you may have given rise to some terrible bands, but the Pietasters and the Slackers will always be OK in my book. Can't really say the same for Mephiskapheles, the New York City Ska Jazz Ensemble, the Skoidats, the Insteps, Mustard Plug, the Allstonians, or JC Superska.

3. Rick James "17" (12" Mix) (mp3)
Another pretty self-explanatory track. "17" exploded my mind when I heard it in college, but back then irony was all fresh and new. Nowadays if I hear some guy like "oh man the lyrics for 17 are hilarious" I'm like "yea they are... if you're 20 years old." What is my problem???

2. Oingo Boingo "Little Girls" (music video)
Danny Elfman WTF! You know how when you go record shopping you look for those early records by 80s bands thinking they were probably way punkier and awesome before they had their first hit? Hmmm???

1. Benny Mardones "Into The Night" (music video)
This song somehow peaked at #11 in 1980 on Billboard, then nine years later Benny Mardones was like "I guess society now has a much more liberal view of grown men fucking children, so I'm going to release this record again (at which point, it will peak at #20)."


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Brian said...

Devendra Banhart has a weird song called "Little Boys." Gay pedophilia!

March 21, 2007 at 12:25 PM

hova mcbevins said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

March 26, 2007 at 5:58 PM

hova mcbevins said...

fuck sorry i kept deleting this, blogs are deeply complex:

To quote Lloyd, this blog is a bunch of "stupid stupid nonsense that emboldens the enemy and is not unlike hitler, et al" as exemplified by this post.

where is the mp3 of the lost old version of "into the night"? it is your duty to locate it if you are going to be posting about it.

furthermore, "into the night" is brimming and bristling with vital, salient features that you have (predictably, natch!) failed to bring up.

1) it is the exception-that-proves-the-rule that no acceptable song can EVER utilize the desire to fly as a metaphor for the desire for escape, redemption, freedom, etc.

2) benny mardones feels DEEPLY persecuted and wronged by society's refusal to accept his rampant pedophilia:

a) "separated by fools who don't know what love is"

a) "it's like having a dream where nobody has a heart"

who knew that sartre's hell-is-other-people vision referred to the tyranny of non-child fuckers?

also, bryan, if devendra was gay, his songs would be dancey and awesome.

March 26, 2007 at 6:02 PM

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